Older Adult Dental and Oral Health Care


Teeth that are severely broken or decayed can be restored by removal of the decay, tooth preparation, and coverage with a crown. Some other indications for a crown are:

  • A previously filled tooth in which more filling than tooth remains. The existing tooth structure has been weakened and can no longer support the filling.
  • Discolorations or compromised esthetics
  • Cusp fractures
  • Abutments (supports) for a bridge
  • After a root canal filling because teeth are structurally weaker; they  tend to dry out and become brittle and are more apt to fracture.

dentures in a glass of water

Depending on the diagnosis, treatment plan, and discussion with the patient, teeth that are missing can be replaced with several options. They include the following:

  • Fixed bridge
  • Partial denture
  • Full denture
  • Overdenture



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