Anxious About Seeing the Dentist? Sedation Dentistry will Ease Your Fears!

If you’re anxious about seeing the dentist for treatment, scared about feeling pain or hate needles.

Fortunately, with sedation dentistry  you’ll feel completely relaxed, and totally comfortable throughout your dental treatment. Your dental work will be completed when you “wake up.”


To ease your anxiety and fears, sedation dentistry is the options to meet your unique needs.

Multiple Sedation Dentistry Options are Available to You:

Sedation dentistry is a popular option for patients who experience high-anxiety when visiting the dentist.  Latest sedation techniques including the following three options to ease your fears:

  1. Oral-conscious sedation (a pill),
  2. Nitrous oxide (also called”laughing gas”),
  3. IV sedation (optional for high-fear patients)

The choice is yours:

  • Take a safe, yet effective pill and feel completely relaxed during your dental procedure.
  • Take nitrous-oxide gas and feel completely relaxed, numb (and a little happy), yet conscious during your treatment.
  • Or, IV Sedation Dentistry if you want to be unconscious during your dental treatment so when you wake up your procedure will be completed without you experiencing the procedure.

Most of the patients remember very little or nothing about their dental visit
and hours feel like minutes during longer procedures. What they do remember is that they left their home, came to The dentist and then woke up with a beautiful new smile.

One of the biggest advantages of sedation dentistry is that it allows several dental treatments to be performed in one visit which saves you time and makes your cosmetic dentistry treatment much more convenient for your busy schedule. Plus, sedation dentistry allows you to be sedated and completely comfortable even if you need the most complicated of dental treatments.

So don’t be afraid! If you’ve been putting off dental treatment and want a healthy and beautiful smile go for Sedation dentistry or Sleep dentistry.


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